Escape to a Utopia of Majestic Beauty

May 17, 2011

Have you ever dreamt of leaving behind the stresses, frustrations and worries of life to escape to a Utopia of majestic beauty and scenic wonders where life moves at its own pace? I have and I’m sure you have too!

Why not consider an unforgettable South African adventure? Located at the southern end of the world’s most epic content, South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world.  Its fusion of European sophistication and exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture, makes it a dream destination.

South Africa is so much more than you can ever imagine:    

·         Savor gourmet meals
·         Indulge in spa treatments
·         Rest under a romantic star filled sky
·         Sunbath on a pristine beach
·         Stay overnight in a luxury camp
·         Relish in the beauty of unspoiled wilderness
·         Watch animals in their native habitats
·         Taste wines in renowned vineyards

South Africa is home to the Kruger National Park and some of the most luxurious lodges in Africa. Prime viewing for the big five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino) as well as many other animals that are unique to Africa can be seen at any number of game parks and private game reserves. Each providing superlative luxury and pampering spas with focus on service excellence.

Thanks to its rich viticulture, South Africa is one of the world’s great wine producing regions and a must-see for the stunning scenery, historic towns, wonderful Cape-Dutch architecture and the world-renowned vineyards.

If you enjoy playing golf, South Africa’s sunny weather and clear blue skies allows you to play golf year-round in addition to enjoying its beautiful beaches.

Is it any wonder that after thousands of years, South Africa’s unique history, incredible wildlife, vibrant cities and truly breathtaking scenery continues to captivate the hearts of so many...




It is my hope that you now have a different view of South Africa, and that perhaps I have inspired you too to one day embark on this truly magnificent and epic journey.

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