Everlasting Memories on the Italian Island of Ischia

June 07, 2011

Standing on a stretch of beach on a private bay, my feet submerged in a sea of crystal-clear turquoise water, I am at peace. As the warm breeze caresses my face, I inhale the sweet scent of exotic flowers. The sun is starting to set over an endless ocean of blue; the view is breathtaking. I relax and enjoy this rare moment of solitude. Later, I will join my love for our evening meal. It felt like the perfect ending to the perfect day…

My day began with a lavish breakfast of home-made pastries, fresh fruits, cheeses and an array of local delicacies that I happily devoured on the terrace overlooking the resort’s private bay. I sat there sipping my cappuccino, basking in the beauty that surrounded me, thankful for this experience.

We had arrived by boat the previous evening to Forio, a town on the west coast of the island of Ischia for a special weekend at the intimate Mezzatorre Resort & Spa. This luxurious property was designed around a 16th century watchtower on a magnificent cliff overlooking the ocean and the Bay of San Montano. The hotel’s secluded location provided the intimacy and tranquility we craved for a weekend of R&R to unwind and enjoy one another. 

After breakfast I was told to prepare for a surprise. Anyone who knows women knows how much we love a surprise and so I was anxious to discover the great mystery... My surprise was a small boat with a seaman named Pietro who was hired to circumnavigate the beautiful island of Ischia with us. The boat came equipped with a basket of fresh fruits and sparkling wine. Moments like this remind me how beautiful life can be when shared with someone you love. It was an enchanting day spent exploring fascinating coves, swimming and kissing amidst the glorious sea. We felt as if we were the only two people on earth and it felt great!

As we approached our port I was told that my surprise was not over yet. Arrangements had been made for us to enjoy the famous thermal water and volcanic mud treatments of Ischia at the hotel’s renowned spa. I can only sum up this experience as the ideal paradise for total restoration and revitalization. I left there feeling like a new woman, grateful for the love and attention bestowed on me. It was then that I decided to make my way towards the beach for a moment of solitude to thank the universe for this magical experience. 

I returned to my room to prepare for our evening meal. Reservations were made at the hotel’s elegant Chandelier restaurant. There is nothing more romantic than dining by candle light perched on a bluff above the sea. We dined on a delicious assortment of Mediterranean dishes that we enjoyed with a nice bottle of wine. It was an experience I will never forget. One I will be eternally grateful for as I sat there enjoying the view, the company of the man I love, looking forward to what tomorrow will bring…

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