My B&B Dream!

October 13, 2011

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of owning a home in the Tuscan countryside; a place with history that I could restore to escape the stresses of life to find refuge in an oasis of calm. A place others could visit to share in this utopia of organic living. So universe, if you’re listening – help!

Lately that vision has slightly changed. I want to turn my haven into a small B&B, a place where people going through hardships can come to visit, courtesy of a not for profit organization, to stay in a place that will help nurture their spiritual and emotional growth. To provide my guests with a locale that is committed to sustainable and environmentally-sound practices where they can pick fresh herbs and vegetables from a garden to help me prepare our meals. A place they can enjoy bike rides along the countryside, picnic lunches and a glass of local wine, as well as other therapeutic activities like yoga, spa treatments, cooking classes, and excursions to local vineyards, villages and artisan shops.

You may ask yourself, why share a private paradise with other people? The answer is rather simple, because I believe there is no delight in owning something unshared. How great would it be to experience magical moments with people from all walks of life. To share our life stories, experiences and pleasures, and to one day write a book about these encounters in hopes that it will help others.    

My ultimate dream, to one day have B&B’s in Provence, Marrakesh, Seville and South Africa; a network of homes dedicated to providing tender love and care to those in need. Why away? Because sometimes people need to be removed from their environment in order to find clarity and peace of mind. To have that spark of excitement and adventure ignited by new sights and sounds. It’s amazing what a change of pace and space can do for someone’s morale, but not everyone has the resources to afford such a luxury. That’s where I step in… to offer them a place to stay. So this is my dream, my incentive, something to add to my life board, my wish to the universe.

Most importantly, I want to share this dream with someone special, with those I love, and with those in need. Maybe it won’t happen today, but God willing, one day it will and I hope you will be one of my guests!

Cheers to dreams and making them come true!

(These images are of Agrifuturismo and are from Marie Claire Maison Italy)

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