Travelista73: Savour Paris's Bûche de Noël

December 19, 2011

During the holidays I must admit that I feel a little jealous for those who live in Europe and are able to enjoy a stroll through the magical Christmas markets of Alsace, purchase freshly roasted chestnuts on the streets of Paris and Rome, enjoy a warm pot of Vin Chaud or mulled wine as they refer to it in London, and sit by a warm fire in Switzerland.  

Yes, Europe is filled with many wonderful traditions and celebrations during the holidays. From glorious nativity scenes and midnight mass, to magnificent meals fit for a king, there’s something festive in the air that still has a sense of the true meaning of Christmas – a time to relax with loved ones, give thanks and celebrate life!

Maybe someday I’ll go back and stroll through the streets of Paris at Christmastime in the company of a loved one. Sit and devour a delicious slice of Bûche de Noël at the celebrated Paris pastry shop Ladurée, while enjoying a warm cup of Hot Cocoa. Wouldn’t that be lovely……

Bûche de Noël, also known as a Yule log in North American, became popular on French tables in the early part of the 1900s, when Christmas became more of a secular holiday. Today, this Christmastime dessert is prepared by renowned pastry chefs in Paris’s luxury hotels, as well as world famous designers.

Here are a few of my favorite for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, unless you are able to board a flight and try them for yourself in Paris, you'll have to settle for viewing them only! It's enjoyable nonetheless :)

Buche de Noel Hotel de Crillon

Buche de Noel Plaza Athenee
Buche de Noel Christian Lacroix

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