Dad, Life and the Philippines

February 29, 2012

My father is quite the character; adored by many and disliked by few. He is the man who gave me my first sex talk. The person I went running to when I got my first period, which he insisted we celebrate with a special dinner. He is the one who soaked my head in cold water when I experienced my first hangover, (he was also the one who paid the bar tab). He is a true connoisseur of life. Always ready and willing to host a dinner party, family barbeque, or birthday bash. He is unafraid to be who he is regardless of what others think. He is eccentric at times, old fashioned at others. He is his own person; unafraid and unabashed. Always ready to have a good laugh and give life a big kick in the ass when needed. His philosophy has always been to live life for today and that is exactly how he has lived. He puts little thought into what others think of him. He never let anyone, including his children, dictate his life. And though at times this really upset me, as I get older I have a new found respect for him because I understand how difficult it is to live your life according to your own terms when most of society is so preoccupied with what others think of them. My father, for lack of a better expression, never gave two shits what anyone thought! He still doesn’t, and that my friends takes courage, lots of it!

Our holidays often included people we didn’t know because my father never wanted ANYONE to be alone on the holidays. He was always ready and willing to loan others money, even when he knew he would never get it back. Hell, he’d take the shirt off his back for family and friends, and at times has. His heart is big, but then again so is his mouth and this can drive me crazy, but when all is said and done at least I can appreciate that my dad is always real. That he never puts on a show or pretenses. He doesn’t sugar coat the truth, for anyone, no matter what the subject. Instead he will find humor in our pain and find a way to make us laugh, even when death looked us in the face.  

My dad is the one who instilled me with the love for adventure and travel by taking me on my first road and overseas trip. Yesterday he returned from a 3 month stay in the Philippines where he visited a number of islands including Boracay, Cebu & Mactan, Palawan and Manila. He flew solo for 24 hours without batting a lash. That ladies and gentlemen is my father.

He may be far from perfect, but that is precisely how I like him, because the truth is that no one is perfect and those who pretend to be are the ones whose closets are full of skeletons. At least when all is said and done, my dad can sing those famous lyrics, “I did it my way!” So in honor of my dad’s safe return, I dedicate this post to him and to the beautiful people and islands of the Philippines who graciously embraced him and treated him as one of their own.  

Here are my favorite island hotels in the Philippines:
Secluded, seductive and so seafront you’re almost in the water, tropical hideaway ABACÀ BOUTIQUE RESORT teams cool modern design with local antiques and a serene spa. 

On remote reef-fringed Pamalican Island, AMANPULO boutique hotel in the Philippines offers Crusoe luxe, with snow-white beaches and pristine diving.

Breezy boutique hotel BELLAROCCA ISLAND RESORT & SPA near Marinduque brings white-washed stucco style to the azure waters of the Philippines.

With its secluded, thatch-roof villas and exclusive sandy beaches, a stay at ESKAYA BEACH RESORT & SPA in the Philippines is like living a tropical dream.

DISCOVERY SHORES BORACAY ISLAND in the Philippines is an indulgent beach retreat for those seeking complete solitude and utter relaxation.

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