Discover Hemingway’s Favourite Escape

October 15, 2020

Think you know something about escape?  Look to Ernest Hemingway as a sybarite who really knew how to kick back and savour life.  His beloved Bimini, with its intriguing deep waters, is still here waiting for you to explore. This westernmost region of The Bahamas is made up of two main islands and is most famous for its deep-sea fishing and boating.

Bimini is often referred to as Ernest Hemingway’s favourite escape.  A pioneer of sports fishing, he spent great swaths of time here exploring and fishing in the waters offshore. Many fishermen have followed in his wake, casting in some of the greatest waters, battling to beat the more than 50 world fishing records set here. It’s your turn to sail and fish in some of the most fascinating waters in the world.

Fish Bimini

Given its prime location on the edge of the Gulf Stream, Bimini has been named “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” This prime location, along with the numerous species of marine life that make their home in these waters, has helped Bimini earn its title. Bimini serves as a water highway for marlins, mantas, tuna, wahoo, swordfish and dolphins, to name a few. This fisherman’s playground is the ideal destination for deep-sea fanatics and it hosts several fishing tournaments annually. Visitors are able to charter a boat with a crew or follow along with a renowned fishing guide for the day.  


Sail Bimini

Bimini is also known as a sailing haven for private boaters. The sea can offer up some very different conditions depending on where you are sailing. The ocean water is a deep navy blue all around the island, turning to a clear green colour as you near the harbour. The crystal-clear waters allow boaters to see the sandy ocean floor at great depths below the boat.


Travellers can reach Bimini in their own boat or rent one there. The island is equipped with full-service marinas in various locations including in North Bimini, South Bimini, Gun Cay and Cat Cay, with most being official ports of entry. Each offer dockage, fuel connections and assistance at reasonable prices. These marinas also offer multiple water experiences, including catamaran sailing and sailing lessons.


With over 700 islands and cays and 16 unique island destinations, The Bahamas lies just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, offering an easy fly away escape that transports travellers away from their everyday. The Islands of The Bahamas have world-class fishing, diving, boating and thousands of miles of the earth’s most spectacular water and beaches waiting for families, couples and adventurers. Explore all the islands have to offer at or on Facebook, YouTube orInstagram to see why It’s Better in The Bahamas.


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