Travelista73: Breathtaking Beaches of Tropea

June 21, 2011

From the moment Burt Lancaster kissed Deborah Kerr in the iconic beach scene in the Academy Award-winning film, From Here to Eternity, people everywhere have envisioned a beautiful beach as the perfect romantic holiday… But the perfect holiday requires more than just a lovely beach for it to be truly remarkable. It should offer exquisite food, culture, historical beauty, nightly attractions, and much more.

In Southern Italy lays a hidden gem lovingly referred to as the Pearl of God’s Coast, a magnificent seaside town in Tropea, Calabria. Ringed by cliffs, sandy white beaches and turquoise water, Tropea is without a doubt the most spectacular beach in the Mediterranean.

Reminiscent of Italy’s more commercial destinations like the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre, the view from Tropea is breathtaking! At the end of the main pedestrian street there is a natural balcony over the sea with a magnificent view of the beach and the church of Santa Maria del Isola glistening on a rocky promontory above an aquamarine sea.

On a clear day, the seaward views from the waterfront promenade extend to embrace Stromboli's cone and at least four of the other Eolians - the islands can be visited by motorboats that depart daily from Tropea in the summer.

The main town of Tropea is characterized by warm hospitality, steep streets, local shops, quaint restaurants, and old palazzi built in simple golden stone on an elevation above the sea. It is the loveliest town on the Calabria Tyrrhenian coast! So the next time you visit Italy, why not take a detour to Tropea and enjoy a few days relaxing on the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean.

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