Travelista73: Sleeping Up in a Tree House

October 21, 2011

Growing up I would spend hours sitting up in a pine tree on the property where we lived. It provided me with a bird’s eye view of the world. I would sit there staring up at the infinite sky wondering what my future would be like; imagining what I would do, where I would live, places I would visit, who would ask me to the dance and what I would wear. (Keep in mind I was a 10 year old).  Some days I would sit there alone and other times my best friends would join me, each of us sitting on our assigned branches, watching the sunset through the treetop. It was our secret hideaway!

Every now and then I think back to that time and remember that feeling of serenity up in that tree and the belief that ‘everything is possible’ when you look up to the sky.  This got me thinking; if it felt so good sitting up in that pine tree getting pricked and pocked with no earthly comforts, just imagine how amazing it would be to stay up in a luxurious tree house? How great would it be to relax in a hammock on your private tree top veranda looking down onto a rainforest, to watch the sunset over a mahogany forest in a bed made with crisp white linens, or to enjoy a glass of wine up above while spying on African beasts that come to quench their thirst and frolic?  So I began researching Tree House Hotels and I have to say that I was completely blown away by the possibilities. Each truly unique and beautiful, here are some of my favorite:

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