The Power of Destiny & Choice

February 27, 2012

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Anthony Robbins

They say our destiny is written in the stars and last week something magical happened that proved to me that destiny is indeed shaped by defining moments and the decisions we make when those moments present themselves.
What began as a perfectly normal evening turned into a life defining moment as a last minute decision led me to my sister’s doorstep. Now you see my sister had already made plans to visit a friend’s son that evening so not wanting to disappoint him she decided to go over an hour earlier for a quick visit. While she was there a young representative from World Vision came knocking on her friend’s door asking if she would be interested in sponsoring a child. Her friend, for reasons unbeknownst to me, had to decline, but as destiny would have it my sister was there! (Did I mention that my sister had told me weeks ago about wanting to sponsor a child? However with her hectic schedule she never got around to it.)
An hour later my sister came home and to our surprise was in the company of a young gentleman. She explained who he was and why he was there. As they filled out the forms I found myself looking through the many helpless faces of children in need of our support and that is when I came across the angelic face of a little girl from Bangladesh named Tithi. As I looked into her eyes I knew that I needed to help her. My heart began to ache at the thought of her life and yet at the same time it surprisingly felt full at the thought of the many ways in which her life could change with my support, and so then and there I unexpectedly decided to sponsor this beautiful little girl.
I cannot find the words to explain how I felt that evening except to share this quote from the lovely Maya Angelou who once said, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” And that evening a little girl living in an impoverished slum in Bangladesh would have her life forever changed because destiny presented itself to my sister, and her decision presented me with the opportunity to make a decision that would not only change a child’s life but also my own.
Without even knowing her, Tithi has already given me a greater sense of purpose and appreciation for how fortunate we are. Most importantly though, she has given me a greater belief in the power of destiny and how our choices can shape and form that destiny.
That evening four lives were forever changed; a little girl in Bangladesh, a little boy in Haiti, and that of two sisters. So here I am presenting you with the opportunity to make a choice that will change someone’s life and destiny forever, realizing that in that moment you are also changing your own.

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