Return of the Aston Martin DB5!

April 13, 2012

Someone once asked me, if you could drive any car in the world, which would it be?  After a few moments of careful consideration I realized that I don’t have one. Not because I don’t appreciate a beautiful car, or because I would object to driving one. It’s just that cars have never been something I focus on.
The other night I came across an interview with Daniel Craig for the new movie, JAMES BOND 007 SKYFALL. What can I say… it was love at first sight! Not with Daniel, sexy as he is, but with the Aston Martin DB5. This sleek and sexy vehicle first appeared in 1964’s Goldeneye and though James Bond has driven a lot of fine machinery over the years. Most of them Aston Martins, few have been as iconic – or as constant – as the classic DB5.
This got me thinking. If I was JANE BOND, what cars would I drive?

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