Orient Express - A True Voyage in the Spirit and Style of the 19th Century

January 08, 2013

Imagine yourself tucked away in the comfort of a plush compartment on the Orient Express enjoying the panoramic view of ever changing landscapes as you sip Champagne, your every comfort and request attended to as another exciting chapter unfolds in your life story…

I have always wondered what it was like to be one of the lucky passengers on the Orient Express as the legendary train’s wheels started to turn in 1883. Think of the excitement when the train left Paris and steamed through the Alps, Budapest and Bucharest to Constantinople carrying kings and celebrities. This was the embodiment of luxury, style and impeccable service during its 1920s heyday.

In May, 1982, the legend was reborn when the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express made its maiden run from London to Venice. Here the spirit of the past is still palpable with its vintage carriages, marquetry, Art Deco décor and wood trimmings.

Rich in adventure and experience, this is a true voyage in the spirit and style of the 19th century. Formalwear is recommended in the evenings where you’ll dine on exquisite food and fine wines as the grand piano plays into the buzz of conversation and laughter.

This is the ultimate journey to travelling in style – and surely the most romantic - as you travel back in time to another world and discover Europe with the Venice Simplon Orient-Express.

One day, maybe I too will be lucky enough to savour this once in a lifetime experience.


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