Travel Wisdom by Travelista73

January 14, 2014

Exploring a new country is an exciting time. I love visiting vineyards, historical sites, art galleries, markets and great restaurants.  However, interacting with people, learning about new cultures and discovering hidden gems continues to be my greatest source of joy and inspiration. But with so much to see and do it can be overwhelming at times, thankfully I’ve acquired some travel wisdom throughout the years that help me get the most out of my adventures. Make sure you also get the most out of yours.


Be present. The best advice for any trip is to be present! Don’t spend all your time with a gadget in your hands or overthinking things; be fully present in the moment as you will discover that much of the character and charm of a country is found among its people and its streets.  

Eat where locals eat. Unless you are in a third world country where you need to be extra cautious about where you eat I highly advice eating where locals eat. Try to avoid tourist traps by asking locals where they eat and go enjoy a great meal, but don’t eat to the point where you feel sick or heavy. You want to feel ready to take on the day’s adventures.  

Find time to relax. After all, part of the reason you are taking a holiday is to relax. Take advantage of leisurely meals and casual strolls. Soak in the atmosphere at a local cafe. Whatever you do, be sure to appreciate the beauty around you.

Get off the beaten path. There no harm in knowing what things you’d like to see or do, but speak to locals and find out what ‘they’ also recommend and set off on your own adventure. This allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and have a more authentic experience.

Don’t over pack. The last thing you want is to waste time unpacking, re-organizing and lugging stuff around, especially if you are traveling around to several destinations. If you forget something, don’t worry, chances are you can buy it.  

Don’t look like a tourist. Keep your money and valuables in a safe place out of reach from pickpockets, especially when you’re in tight, crowded spaces. 

Don’t try to see or do too much. Depending on where you are going there can be so much to see and do, but that can leave you rushing around and exhausted. Rather than visiting many places in a limited amount of time, choose a few and split your time between them.

Walk a lot. The best way to explore any country is by foot, so make sure to pack comfortable shoes. Set off and don’t worry about getting lost. Some of the best things you’ll discover will probably be by accident. But always remember safety first! 

Read a great novel. My favorite souvenirs are bookmarks. Why? I love to read, so years ago I began the tradition of purchasing a new book before boarding every flight. Each book is inscribed with the date and location of my trip, along with an inspiring message. I then purchase a bookmark from every city I visit. They have become my personal heirlooms, beautiful reminders of where I have been. And let’s face it, what better way to relax than with a great book.

Rent an apartment. It’s much more comfortable than a hotel and in many cases cheaper. It also allows you to experience life like a local. Imagine a little apartment in Paris and going shopping for fresh cheese and baguettes each morning.

Wishing You Love & Light on Your Journey,

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