Discover the Costa Rican Countryside with Casa Turire!

August 17, 2017

Characterized by rolling hills and vast landscapes as far as the eye can see, Casa Turire is located in the picturesque town of Turrialba. This charming village in the lush Central Valley of Cartago province in Central Costa Rica (2 hours from San Jose) provides a glimpse into Costa Rica's quaint and beautiful countryside.

This boutique hotel is modelled after an old-world hacienda and boasts 16 large rooms, a fine dining restaurant, an outdoor pool, a spa and a stable filled with horses. 

Casa Turire sits on the banks of Angostura Lake with the imposing presence of the Turrialba Mountains and its active volcano. Take in its splendour on horse and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the hotel chef under the shade of a centuries-old tree with postcard perfect views. It is a magical experience you will never forget. 

Turrialba is famed for inventing white water rafting (still popular today) and as the former route used to reach Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. Today, it is considered the scenic route. A stay at Casa Turire is the perfect getaway for travellers who seek adventure and relaxation, or as a quick stop over as you make your way to the country's Caribbean Coast. 

Casa Turire is part of Small Distinctive Hotels; a collection of eight stylish boutique hotels that adhere to sustainable practices while showcasing the diverse regions and beauty of Costa Rica. Experience La Pura Vida with Small Distinctive Hotels. 

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