Birthday Spa Getaway

February 01, 2012

This weekend I got my ‘spa on’ with my oldest and dearest friends as a special birthday treat. Women I have been celebrating my birthday with my entire life. Each privy to every funny, embarrassing, heartbreaking and wonderfully magical moment in my life, and when they couldn't physically be there like when I had my first kiss or the moment my mother took her last breath, they have been there to share a lifetime of ‘laugh until you cry’ and ‘hug until it doesn't hurt anymore’ moments. Hours spent laughing, talking and confiding secrets over hundreds of meals and glasses of wine. Every milestone made better because of our friendship.

My birthday weekend was no different. We began with relaxing massages, facials and body scrubs. This blissful experience built up quite the appetite, so to say we were famished by the time we arrived at our 8 pm dinner reservation would not be an exaggeration, but boy was it worth the wait!

Our gourmet experience began with a delicious appetizer that consisted of 4 shellfish: crab cake in a smoked tomato aioli, lobster roll with pineapple sauce, seared scallop on asian slaw, and jumbo prawn in a roasted garlic purée. If this experience wasn’t heavenly enough, we followed with our entrees; pan seared branzino sea bass with citrus beurre blanc, rice pilaf and grilled asparagus; and a 10 oz grilled strip loin with sautéed mushrooms and lobster mashed yukon gold potatoes. I think the only way to properly describe our meal is to use the term, “Symphony in Your Mouth!” It was perfect! We decided to end our meal with not one, but 8 decadent desserts. My favorite included a lovely Happy Birthday just for me!

What I always enjoy most about our dinners is the uncontrollable laughing that takes place. It’s the laugh until your stomach hurts and you’re ready to pee your pants kind of laugh. Please note that most of the evening’s laughs were at my expense for having just recently learned the term ‘Camel-Toe’ and if that wasn’t bad enough, I proceeded to compliment my friend for coming up with the term ‘MC Pukes.’ A term everyone quickly told me has been around since the beginning of civilization. (Is it my fault that my vocabulary isn’t as evolved as theirs?!) It was the PERFECT evening with my girls.

The night ended off with all of us piled up on two beds, (get those dirty thoughts out of your head), we were watching a movie. FYI, don’t choose a movie with extreme violence. It’s not the last vision you want before falling asleep in a hotel room…lol!

The next morning we woke up, packed our bags and headed for breakfast. With the busy lives we lead, it was great to be able to share this time together, and as I looked around the breakfast table at each of these remarkable women, I felt blessed to know how much I am loved and how important I am to each of them. I know and appreciate the sacrifices they made to share this birthday experience with me. So when asked what my birthday wish was, I quickly realized it already come true!

Cheers to travel, life, love, friendships and the unmistakable bonds we share!

Travelista73 XO

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