See the World through the Lens of Travel Photographer... TONY KOUKOS

April 20, 2012

A beautiful photograph has the power to inspire, move, and evoke powerful emotions. Toronto based World Travel Photographer, Tony Koukos, has travelled the world over to capture that perfect shot. Standing before his breathtaking images there is a connection that occurs between you and his photographs… You feel the genuine beauty of life and are compelled to see the world in its entirety. His passion for travel and photography is palpable in every photograph. 

“As a photographer, I love to capture the details of our beautiful planet…. the little things that everyday people walk by and don’t take the time to appreciate. Beauty can be found everywhere, from crackled wood textures in the Cycladic Islands of Greece, to the shimmering ocean in Miami and ornate architectural details of Paris. It just takes time to stop and scan your surroundings to find it. Each time I board a plane to embark on a new journey, I am always excited to see what the world is presenting to my lens.”
                                                                        Tony Koukos

It is in the depth of feeling and powerful sensations that his photographs evoke that you discover why Tony Koukos’ work has received unending accolades. He continues to travel and through his photographs he inspires us all to see the world. Shy of this experience, perhaps the best way to introduce what Tony Koukos is capable of capturing is for you to enjoy this selection of his photographs. 

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